Cafeterias share Lots2Love during National School Lunch Week

Schools across the country celebrated National School Lunch Week (NSLW) with special meals, taste-tests, guest servers, lots of fun decor and special lunchtime events.

Inspired by this year’s NSLW theme, “School Lunch – Lots 2 Love,” cafeterias were adorned with heart cards, signs and decorations. Handwritten messages from students showed appreciation for their school nutrition staff and for the healthy and delicious meals they are served every day.

Mount Horeb Area School District (WI) schools’ bulletin boards were filled with messages from students to their favorite lunch ladies – sweet sentiments such as “you make our lunch food so good, it is the best” and “yum, yum, yum, you put food in my tummy.” Students and staff at Madison Simis Elementary School in Madison School District (AZ) were encouraged to share what they love most about school lunch inside a large bulletin board heart. Participants received a yummy whole grain cookie as part of the celebration.

Food service professionals at Lewis County Schools (WV) were excited to wear new themed NSLW shirts and decorate cafeteria bulletin boards with words about why school lunch is so important for their students. In the School City of Hammond (IN), students colored in NSLW “Lots 2 Love” artwork and activity kits, which staff then hung up on cafeteria walls.

Guest servers visited districts for NSLW as well, helping to serve up fresh school lunch with a dash of surprise for students. Principals, superintendents, police officers, firefighters, athletes and local politicians were just some of the guests that helped dole out students’ school lunches during October 15-19.

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Alabaster City Schools (AL) were visited by local members of the Alabaster Fire Department and former University of Alabama quarterback Andrew Zow surprised students as a mystery server for NSLW. Broward County Public Schools (FL) invited members of their community, including Davie Mayor Judy Paul and the district’s director of computer operations, to celebrate during the week.  In Sarasota County Schools (FL), the local fire chief, members of the Dawson Fire Station, as well as the North Port Police Department deputy chief all helped serve students lunch wearing aprons, gloves and a smile.

President John F. Kennedy created National School Lunch Week (NSLW) in 1962. During this annual weeklong celebration, School Nutrition Association members and students around the country celebrate what makes their local school lunch program special. Parents and students can follow the fun on

For more information, visit National School Lunch Week 2018.


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