Students Celebrate Sweet Times in Their School Cafeterias

In honor of Valentine’s Day, school nutrition services staff were making cafeterias extra sweet for students. In addition to celebrating with heart-shaped décor at Provo City Schools Child Nutrition Department (UT) cafeterias, staff created a display of heart-shaped foods, from veggie and fruit trays to the cheese on their hamburgers! The dinner rolls and baby carrots formed hearts and fresh watermelon transformed into festive heart lollipops!

Garland Independent School District (TX) celebrated Valentine’s Day together with  Heart Health Month. They came up with various ways to improve a student’s intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, using social media and some special events. Messages about heart healthy foods, activity and being kind to each other flooded school cafeterias across the country.

27750928_1715497588472980_2261374128587603548_n-1Food and Nutrition Services staff created a colorful poem, featuring Valentine’s Day sayings and a play on words with healthy foods. Students and staff were invited to try some of the new fruits and vegetables offered in the cafeteria. Decorating the cafeteria is one way to truly bring the feeling of Valentine’s Day to a student’s day.

Districts, like Bladen County Schools (NC), decorated their bulletin boards and dressed the part to welcome students into a Valentine’s Day themed cafeteria. A couple of cute Minions joined students at Red Bank Elementary School in Lexington (SC) at lunchtime with a special Valentine to share!

Cute Valentine’s Day messages were created on students’ yogurt parfaits at Sunnyside Elementary School in Indianapolis (IN).

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