Veterans Are “Still Serving” At Georgia’s Richmond County Schools

In observance of Veterans Day, Richmond County Nutrition Services in Augusta (GA) partnered with local veterans to honor Cross Creek High School’s cafeteria staff for their commitment to “Serving Students with Excellence.” Three local retired vets volunteered to serve cafeteria staff, as well as students during lunch, a program the district called “Still Serving.” In return, students were also able to honor the hard work, dedication and service that these three veterans have shown over the years.

The food served by the honored veterans included current menu items and new additions to the district menu. A guest chef prepared the food, while the school’s nutrition services staff received a Certificate of Excellence. Students were excited to see veterans in their school and were able to thank them for their service.

US Army Veteran Joseph “Troll” Shores said that the students at Cross Creek High School were very respectful and happy to see them at their school!

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