Food Art Welcomes Students

Presentation is everything.  Geneva County Schools’ (AL) child nutrition professionals know that all too well – the healthy meals they serve have all the nutrition students need, but now they’re providing eye appeal in the cafeteria too!

A bird, made from leftover produce pieces welcomes students to the serving lines in Geneva County Schools (AL).

Leading a team of 32 food service professionals across the district, Child Nutrition Director Stephanie Dillard, MS, SNS, said that everyone from cooks to servers to cashiers take great pride in what the cafeteria offers their students.

In an effort to attract more students to try school meals and welcome them in district cafeterias, food service professionals have been creating exciting food art. Most of the displays incorporate fruit and vegetables, often from breakfast and lunch produce scraps, to create elaborate animals and fun themes.

With a certified manager in each school cafeteria and much of the staff certified by the School Nutrition Association, Geneva County Schools (GCS) are teaming with professionalism and creativity.

Showcasing some colorful food art in Geneva County Schools (AL).

Staff members create displays throughout the year, putting together different themes, characters and scenes, whether decorating for the holidays, cheering on the school sports team before a big game or welcoming grandparents to their special guest day in the cafeteria!

“The students and faculty are thrilled that their school nutrition staff takes so much extra time and effort to create these masterpieces,” said Dillard. “It’s exciting to see what they will come up with next!”

This caged bird creation was made to welcome visiting guests on Grandparent’s Day.

None of these food service professionals have specialized food art training – this effort is  done through the creativity and passion they feel for making their students feel welcome and happy in the cafeteria.

This is the sixth year that GCS has received the competitive USDA grant for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program. A list of their monthly featured fruits and vegetables include star fruit, blood oranges, satsumas, cauliflower, pineapple, avocado, snow peas, pummelo wedges, kiwi and other fresh produce students might not experience in their daily lives. With fresh fruit and vegetables, the possibilities are endless for fun food art!



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