Colorado Students Enjoy Made-to-Order Menu Options

With the popularity of  made-to-order healthier fast food, Douglas County Schools in Castle Rock (CO) decided to take a new approach to the way they offered meals to its high school students.

Amy Faricy, manager of Menu Services for Douglas County Schools, said that creative and colorful branding became one of the marketing tools to increase participation in school meals.

“As the students get older, they are used to being able to go to chain restaurants and order lunch exactly how they like it,” she said. “We used that concept, with our own branded ‘stations’, serving made-to-order food with consistent quality and taste.”

The school has five food station themes, each featuring a logo that was created by a student. The themes include “PersuAsian,” a station with an Asian food flare; “Fuego,” which often features Mexican favorites, like burritos; “The Underground,” a potato bar where students make their own potato creations; “The Twisted Fork,” an Italian-themed pasta bar and “The Wicked Waffle,” waffle bar with toppings. There’s also an “Action Station,” another made-to-order station where themes are rotated. The schools also maintain a “The Grab & Go” station as well.

“The student-designed logos making the branded stations recognizable to the whole student body, which has definitely helped increase interest and participation,” said Faricy. “We invested in some new equipment, more high-end disposables, etc. Students are eating the same things all through elementary and middle school, but they’re maturing and their tastes are changing.”

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