Blender Bikes Let Students Pedal Their Way To A Nutritious Breakfast

To promote physical activity while introducing more ways to eat fresh fruit, blender bikes offer an interactive meal prep on wheels. The bikes grab attention and inspire students in all grade levels, and even school staff, to get in on the delicious action.

The blender bike is a creative combination of a typical stationary bike mounted with the blender attachment. Anyone can jump on and pedal their way to breakfast, their action serving as the power source for the blender. A number of ingredients can be blended for a quick, delicious smoothies – low-fat yogurts, fresh (often local!) fruits and fruit juices can make tasty, healthy combinations for student breakfast and lunches.

School districts are able to acquire their own blender bikes through grants, partnerships or fundraisers. Kelley Toon, Cobb County School District Food and Nutrition Services  (GA) assistant director, was thrilled about recently incorporating two bikes into student meal programs. The bikes were purchased through a partnership with Cobb & Douglas Public Health Department and the Cobb2020 team, a collaboration of community organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of essential health services in Cobb County, GA.

Students from Mary A. White Elementary School’s Fuel Up to Play 60 team in Grand Haven (MI) pedalled fast to mix their smoothie ingredients.

Some of the most popular smoothie recipes, according to school nutrition professionals, include combinations like Apple Yogurt, Carrot-Apple, Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberry Blueberry Banana. The possibilities are endless with a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and creative thinking to make healthy options both delicious and interactive.

Many districts are taking their bike on the road to perform demonstrations across their schools. Cobb County School District (CCSD) has plans to bring the bikes into their school gardens, using some of their harvest, like fresh spinach and Georgia-grown peaches for a Peachy Ginger Smoothie.

According to Toon, “Our  Fender Blender Bike is a great opportunity to incorporate science-based concepts while presenting nutrition education information.”

Smoothies can be incorporated for breakfast or lunch, a versatile and popular option with students. With over 20,000 breakfasts served daily in Cobb County, schools are constantly seeking new recipes and service ideas to reach more students in the morning and ensure they are able to start their day with a healthy, balanced school breakfast. In CCSD, yogurt parfaits have been on the menu frequently, alongside hot entree options such as Turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese wraps or other grab-and-go options, like lower sugar cereals or whole grain bagels. Cobb County Schools boasts 112 commercial kitchens, all offering great value, nutrition and convenience.


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