California school district opens bread kitchen with focus on whole grains

Clovis Unified School District (CUSD), in California, has launched a full-scale bread kitchen operating out of its Reyburn Intermediate School. While the district has made its own bread for years, this bread kitchen allows CUSD to produce thousands of dinner rolls, kaiser rolls, pocket sandwiches, etc. – all rich in whole grains to meet nutrition requirements.

Deli roll made from whole grains and natural ingredients.

Giving the school district control over ingredients in their bread allows nutrition professionals ultimate control over the consistency of carbohydrate counts, nutrients, cost, allergies, etc. The bread is served in the more than 40 CUSD schools. According to CUSD Nutritionist Tawnie Kroll, plans are in the works to also create healthy whole grain hamburger buns.

“Our ultimate goal is to make bread so good that kids want to come back for it, even after they graduate,” said CUSD Food Service Director Robert Schram. 

The new machine, an Adamatic ADR2 full-scale bread line, can make up to 4,500 rolls in just one hour. The freshly made bread is used to make some student favorite lunches and breakfasts, including warm pocket sandwiches with chicken cordon blue or egg and cheese. The kitchen is equipped with a Kaiser press, allowing them to also make Kaiser rolls.


To watch CUSD Registered Dietician Nutritionist Tawnie Kroll discuss the new bread kitchen, Click Here.


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