Food phrases liven up cafeteria

An encouraging note at lunchtime can mean a boost to a child’s confidence, helping their day be more productive and making for a happier student. Charged with preparing lunches for hundreds of students a day, school nutrition professionals love opportunities to bring smiles to student faces with encouraging, and healthy, messages!

Groton Public Schools (CT) offered their students “Bananagrams” – bananas with positive messages written on the peel. A great idea from FoodCorps Connecticut, as simple as grabbing a Sharpie!

“Have a good one!” “Make the best of today!” “Don’t give up!” “You’re smart!” “Good choice!” “This is yummy!” “Be kind today!” “What a treat!” “Be a school leader!”
Hoover City Schools (AL) reminding students to smile, one fruit at a time!

These messages not only create a more positive environment, but they reinforce the idea that making healthy food choices is the way to go. This simple effort encourages students to look at fruit in a new and fun way.

And it doesn’t just have to be bananas – check out Alabama’s Hoover City Schools Child Nutrition Program and their funny way to get students eating more fruit!

Food markers are available in all major crafting stores, allowing parents to take this trick and bring it home. In addition to encouraging healthy choices, food art has lots of learning possibilities, such as counting, spelling, and words of the day – many fun and educational options to use fruits and vegetables!


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