Focused on fruits and veggies

Focused on getting students to eat and love their fruits and vegetables, Treutlen County Schools, Georgia, has been creative in their approach. At the core, involving students and providing a wide variety have been keys to success.

On the menu in the coming year – everything from kiwi, mango, dinosaur egg pluots, dragon carrots, star fruit, dragon fruit, tri-colored cauliflower, jicama, asparagus, blood oranges, kale, passion fruit and a variety of apples.

Expanding the variety of fruits and vegetables helps to increase student consumption of these healthy choices.  Through a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grant the county secured for the 2016-17 school year, students not only receive a fruit or vegetable snack three days a week, they also get educated on what they are eating.

Alecia “Red” Barrett, the district’s school nutrition director, also leads the Treulten Elementary School Nutrition Advisory Council, a group of students that meet monthly throughout the year to help improve and encourage student health. Students make posters, taste test foods and assist in the school gardens, providing food for the school lunch program.

Currently, student help to grow all of the tomatoes used in salads, jalapenos for hummus and kale for smoothies in 16 raised beds at the school. The district is hopeful to secure a grant to purchase a hydroponic tower to grow lettuce for salad in the near future too!


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